Our Acro/Tumbling class teaches students fundamental acrobatic and tumbling moves while focussing on flexibility, balance, muscle control, strength, and disciplined concentration. The foundational vocabulary includes front and back rolls, headstands, standing back bends, cartwheels, round-offs, front and back walkovers. 

Level coordinated leotard or tucked in shirt with shorts, hair in a ponytail and bare feet.

Youth Color Uniform Levels:

KinderDance 1 & 2, Tippi Toes and Tapping Feet: Light Pink (Ages 3-6)

Ballet 1, Tippi Toes and Tapping Feet, Acro, Dance with Me: Jazz 1: Red (ages 7-9)

Ballet 2, Contemporary, Tap 2, Jazz 2 : Burgundy (Ages 10-12)

Teen Ballet, Teen Jazz, Teen Contemporary: Purple (Ages 13-17)