BALLET: Tippy Toes and Tapping Feet: Tuesdays 6-7pm (ages 5-7)

Ballet 1: Wednesdays 6-7pm (ages 8-10)

Ballet 2: Mondays 6:15- 7:30pm and Thursdays 5-6:15pm (ages 11-15)

Teen Ballet: Mondays 7:15- 8:30pm and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6 -7:15pm 

Ballet develops precision and grace through a standard format beginning at the barre and leading to movement in the center of the studio. Students will learn classical technique while memorizing positions and vocabulary. With a focus on proper alignment, balance, and coordination, the exercises will tone your body while promoting artistry, musicality, and flexibility.

  • ATTIRE:  Refer to youth color attire requirements; Leotard, tights and ballet shoes are required for youth dancers. Hair should be drawn securely back or pulled up in a bun. Boys: Tight fitted shirt and black sweatpants, black socks or ballet shoes.

TIPPI TOES: Is a combination of Ballet and Tap. (see Tap description) 

Youth Color Uniform Levels:

 Light Pink or White (Ages 3-7)

 Red (ages 8-10)

 Burgundy (Ages 11-13)

 Purple (Ages 14-17)