Contemporary is an expressive genre of dance that incorporates the styles of all its predecessors. Youth class format includes a warm up, floor/ center work, and ends with a weekly combination. The technique improves flexibility, coordination, body awareness and strength, and students may begin with little to no dance experience. 

Adult Contemporary class focuses on finding a deeper connection with the anatomy of the body and using that as a source from which to draw a greater potential for movement and personal expression. It involves deconstructing codified techniques, exploring guided improvisation, and discovering exhilarating ways to experience the body in motion. An understanding of the classical vocabulary and previous experience with ballet and/or modern dance is helpful.

Level coordinated leotard, tights, dance shorts, and bare feet or ‘contemporary’ socks are required for youth. Socks available for purchase at Central

Youth Color Uniform Levels:

KinderDance 1 & 2, Tippi Toes and Tapping Feet: Light Pink (Ages 3-6)

Ballet 1, Tippi Toes and Tapping Feet, Acro, Dance with Me: Jazz 1: Red (ages 7-9)

Ballet 2, Contemporary, Tap 2, Jazz 2 : Burgundy (Ages 10-12)

Teen Ballet, Teen Jazz, Teen Contemporary: Purple (Ages 13-17)