What shoes are needed for dance classes? 

Ballet and Tap classes require specific dance shoes. We know kids feet grow quickly and shoes can get expensive, so we have designed trade system to help. When your child needs to go up a shoe size, check in at the front desk to see if an appropriate pair is available. If so, simply trade your child’s current shoes for the next size up at no charge. While we cannot guarantee to have your child’s size, we do our best to help as many families as possible.

The Central Studio team is happy to assist with any additional questions you may have regarding dance shoes or attire. In addition to Target and Payless Shoe Source, Ballet and Tap shoes and attire may be purchased through both local and online retailers included in the list below.


What attire is appropriate to wear for the various classes?


Appropriate attire for all classes includes close fitting, comfortable, and stretchy clothing.  Fitted, stretchy clothing allows teachers to view the body alignment and allows for freedom of movement in class.  Appropriate dance shoes are preferable for dance classes however, we have Central Studio socks for sale as a second option. 


We are very excited to initiate our new dress code and attire for the 2017-18 dance season! Please carefully read all the new attire information to make sure your dancer is ready with the correct attire by the January 1, 2018 deadline. For Jazz, Acro,  Contemporary, Tap, Kinderdance, and Tippi Toes and Tapping Feet classes,  female students must wear a uniform color leotard and EITHER tights and/or dance shorts and skirts in the corresponding color or black.  For Ballet, your dancer must wear tights, leotard and can choose a skirt or dance shorts in corresponding colors or black if desired. Colors are based on age groups and are outlined below. Male students must wear their Central Studio T-Shirt in the correct color and black dance shorts, pants, or leggings. We understand it will take time for the color scheme transition.  If you have already purchased leotards and attire for this year, please wear the attire until it no longer fits and transition to our color levels by January 1, 2018. Hip Hop, Salsa, Zumba, Musical Theater, and mini bop hip hop and tumbling students may wear attire of choice, but are encouraged to join in our color scheme. Attire may be purchased through the Central Studio store or at any dance supply store convenient to your family.

Light Pink (Ages 3-6) : KinderDance 1 & 2, Tippi Toes and Tapping Feet

Red (ages 7-9) : Ballet 1, Tippi Toes and Tapping Feet, Acro, Dance with Me: Jazz 1

Burgundy (Ages 10-12) : Ballet 2, Contemporary, Tap 2, Jazz 2

Purple (Ages 13-17) : Teen Ballet, Teen Jazz, Teen Contemporary


Local Dance Supply Retailers:

Dance Bag

64 Four Seasons Shopping Center

Chesterfield, MO 63017

t: 314.453.9600

Head To Toe Dancewear

200 West Argonne Dr.

Kirkwood MO 63122

t: 314.966.6258

Online Retailers:

Discount Dance Supply   

Weissman Dance Supply


What are the payment options for Youth and/ or Adult Group classes?

We offer a variety of payment options to choose from, and accept cash, check or credit cards. Our web system tracks all attendance, so just sign in online or at the front desk before each class and we will take care of the rest! You will be sent an email reminder when it is time to renew monthly tuition and class cards. Accounts may be viewed and classes purchased online here.

Youth Monthly Tuition: Packages of 1-4 classes per week; all classes must be attended within one month from the date of purchase.

Youth Session Tuition: Packages of 1-4 classes per week; Purchase 16 week session tuition and save $30!  Packages of 1-unlimited classes per week are available.

Adult Class Cards: Packages of 6, 8 or 12 classes are available for purchase; all classes must be attended within one calendar year from date of purchase.

Drop in Rates: Prices vary depending on the class, and a full list of class pricing may be found here.

Group Pilates Equipment: Single 55 minute class may be purchased for $35

Dance and Fitness: 60 min single classes may be purchased individually based on class length

Salsa: $15 per single class (visit our SALSA PAGE for specific pricing)

60-min Fitness: $7 per single class


Are there times of the year the studio is closed or has a limited schedule?

Central Studio has several breaks throughout the year including Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring and Summer breaks. We offer a limited schedule during these periods depending on projected class attendance. Please check our Calendar, Facebook page and periodic emails to receive schedule updates.


How will Central Studio contact me with information?

We use email as our primary mode of communication. Please be sure we have your current email address in our system in order to stay informed of Central Studio events, and to receive scheduling updates, program details, and payment receipts. Upcoming news and events may also be found here and a current class schedule here.


What do I need to know about being a CS Youth Performer?

Performance Track classes focus on both technical and performance development. In order to perform in Central Studio concerts, students must sign up for one of our Performance Track classes. These classes require a higher level of commitment than our Technique only classes. Please note the following two requirements for Performance Track students.  Rehearsal schedules are based on age and level, with lighter rehearsal schedules for our youngest dancers. If for any reason a student cannot perform, please inform the teacher as soon as possible and understand that existing classes will include at least 20 minutes of rehearsal time, typically at the end of each class.

All requirements must be met by November 1, 2018: 

  • Commit to performance rehearsals:

    • Full-show run through on Saturday, March 2, 2018 2:00-6:00 pm at Central Studio

    • Dress Rehearsal on Friday, March 8, 2018 4:00-9:00pm at Union Avenue Christian Church

  • Commit to to performance date: Saturday, March 9, 2019

  • Sign the attached Performance Track Agreement

  • Pay the Performance Track Fee ($75)