HIP HOP: Mini Bop Hip Hop Thursdays 5-6pm (ages 5-7)

Teen Hip Hop Tuesday 6- 7pm (ages 14 and up)

Get energized and inspired while building confidence! Hip Hop introduces students to street and commercial styles, including breaking, popping, and locking, while exposing students to the technique’s unique vocabulary.

  • ATTIRE: A t-shirt in youth color attire requirements, easy to move in pants, and street shoes.

MINI BOP HIP HOP: Is a combination of Hip Hop and AcroDance. (see AcroDance description)

Youth Color Uniform Levels:

 Light Pink or White (Ages 3-7)

 Red (ages 8-10)

 Burgundy (Ages 11-13)

 Purple (Ages 14-17)