IN COurageous form

March 9, 2019

Union Avenue CHristian CHurch

733 N. Union Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63108

This Year’s performance will be based on Mary Ellen’s newest children’s book, Cora Courage.

Cora Courage lives in a tiny house up a tiny hill outside a tiny town overlooking a tiny river, but she has a very big heart. Will Cora face wild beasts, cross a raging river, climb the highest mountains? Journey with Cora as she confronts the day with courage.

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Click here to purchase all of Mary Ellen’s original children’s books

Click here to purchase all of Mary Ellen’s original children’s books


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Performance Agreement

In Courageous Form is a community-wide collaboration of local art featuring Central Studio dancers, Collective Motion, 442’s, MoSTLytap, MoSTLy jazz, and Saint Louis visual artists. Tickets will be available for purchase on December 1st.

Performance fee of $75 per performer is required to create custom-made costumes, rehearsal time, a performance T-shirt, and dinner provided at the dress rehearsal.

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Child's Name
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An optional Central Studio T-shirt can be purchased for $15.
Classes *
(Check all classes that apply) * Starred classes have a separate onsite performance on Saturday, May 18 at 2pm
Performance Agreement *
I agree to have consistent class attendance. Students registered in the show may miss no more than one class per month in order to perform. Make-up classes in similar techniques/ age groups are encouraged. Contact us or talk to the front desk about suggested classes to make-up in. Additional absences due to illness, injury or emergencies will be considered on a case by case basis. We will always accommodate each student to the best of our ability. I agree to be present at all required rehearsals: - Saturday, Mar. 2nd: 2 - 6 pm: In Studio Full Rehearsal - Friday, Mar. 8th: 4 - 9 pm: Dress Rehearsal at Union Avenue Christian Church -Saturday, Mar. 9th: Call-time TBA, Showtime 5 pm: Performance at Union Avenue Christian Church