Adult Salsa Classes are held by the resident Salsa company, Mambo Revolution.  To learn more about the pricing and the classes they offer, visit their website or call Carlos Reyes at (919) 395-7572

Salsa is characterized by its diverse roots in Puerto Rican rhythms and Cuban beats of the 1920’s. Modern salsa styles are associated with the specific geographic areas where they have been developed, and are identifiable by timing, foot patterns, body rolls, turns and figures, attitude, and the manner in which partners hold each other.

Salsa On1 is the L.A. style of salsa dancing where the "1" and "5" beats of the music are emphasized. Learn the basic salsa steps and partnering work and take what you learn straight to the dance floor for social dancing.

Salsa On2 is the N.Y. style of salsa dancing where the "2" and "6" beats of the music are emphasized. Vocabulary includes the basic, side, back, front and cumbia steps, cross-body lead, and an introduction to musicality. This class will give you a solid foundation but some experience with basic salsa steps is recommended.

Social Dance Practice gives students a chance to show off their moves and learn from one another in a relaxed setting. This event is held every second Friday of the month at Central Studio.  Attendance solo or as a couple is encouraged!

Easy to move in clothes with dress shoes or shoes that slide easily on the ground required for Adults. Salsa shoes available for purchase. For youth: fitted fitness wear or dance shorts for girls; pants or shorts and t-shirt for boys required.