Argentine Tango emerged in the 1870's in the city of Buenos Aires from the working classes and the cross-pollination of cultures. From Cuban folk dancing to African candombe to Italian melodies, Tango is experienced through music, dance, singing and poetry. The dance is a spontaneous creative discovery made for each partner to enjoy his or herself and give enjoyment to their dance partner. Listening, leading, responding, dynamics and energy define this beautiful dance expression. Come discover more about yourself and develop a new social life through the Saint Louis Tango community.

Tango Update

Mauro, our beloved Argentine Tango teacher will be moving to Austin, Texas in the near future.   Until then, take advantage of this amazing teacher while he is here!  He is available for Tango private lessons until his big move.   

To continue tango at Central studio, we will have two Milongas a month.  Keep up to date on the Central Studio website,  Tango St. Louis's and Central Studio's  Facebook pages. 

Mauro will also be available for Private Tango and GYROTONIC sessions when he is in town




Salsa is characterized by its diverse roots in Puerto Rican rhythms and Cuban Son, specifically to the beat of Son Montuno of the 1920s. Salsa is an ever-evolving genre of dance and is open to improvisation. Modern salsa styles are associated with and named after the specific geographic areas where they have been developed. Over time, devotees of each of these styles have spread their influence outside of their home territories. Some qualities that may identify a style include timing, basic steps, foot patterns, body rolls, turns and figures, attitude, and the manner in which partners hold each other.

WED 7:00PM - SALSA ON1                                 CARLOS REYES

Salsa On1 is the L.A. style of salsa dancing where the "1" and "5" beats of the music are emphasized. This class is open to all levels of experience! Learn the basic salsa steps and partnering work and take what you learn straight to the dance floor for social dancing.


Salsa On2 is the N.Y. style of salsa dancing where the "2" and "6" beats of the music are emphasized. If you are new to Salsa On2, this class will give you a solid foundation but some experience with basic salsa steps is recommended. The syllabus for Salsa On2 Level 1 includes the basic-step, side-step, back-step, front-step, cumbia step, frame, cross-body lead, and an introduction to salsa musicality.

Fri 8-9PM - Social Dance PracTice               CARLOS REYES

* dress code for all salsa- easy to move in clothes with dress shoes or shoes that slide easily on the ground. Salsa shoes available for purchase. 







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