Youth Dance Registration

Mission/ blurb for youth dance program

Class Attire Policy

Uniform attire is commonplace at many dance institutions worldwide. At Central Studio we believe in the many benefits of this practice:

  1. Dance attire is form fitting and specific to dance. It is the only outfit that allows the teacher to accurately assess body movements and posture for safety and technique development.

  2. Students who wear uniform attire can take pride in being part of a group as well as feeling connected to generations of great dancers before them who have worn classical attire.

  3. Uniform attire helps students develop a sense of etiquette and respect for the studio space, their fellow learners, and dance as an artform.

Ballet,  Contemporary, Tap, AcroAerial, Kinderdance, Tippi Toes and Tapping Feet

Female students must wear a leotard, tights and/ or dance shorts, dance skirt  in the corresponding color or black. Colors are based on age and are outlined in the chart below.

Students may wear “warm-ups” (loose stretchy jackets, leg warmers, stretchy yoga pants, etc.) over their base attire according to dance educators discretion.

Male students must wear their Central Studio T-Shirt in the age required color and black dance shorts, pants, or leggings.

Mini Bop Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Improv and Choreography

Students may wear Central Studio T-shirts of any color and any shorts or leggings of choice.


Ballet: pink ballet shoes for girls, black ballet shoes for boys

Tap: black tap shoes

Contemporary: barefoot, jazz shoes or Central Studio socks (based on teacher preference)

Hip Hop: any color tennis shoes with laces

Acro/Tumbling: barefoot


We know kids feet grow quickly and shoes can get expensive, so we have designed a shoe trade system to help.  When it is time for your child to go up a shoe size, check in at the front desk to see if an appropriate pair of shoes is available.  If so, trade your child’s current shoes for a pair that fits at no charge. While we cannot guarantee to have your child’s size, we do our best to help as many families as possible.

Performance Information

  1. $75 performance fee must be paid at the time of student agreement submission. This fee covers costume creation, cleaning and restocking of costume, teacher compensation for extra rehearsal time, and a performance T-shirt. Additional tax deductible donations may be made to support the overall production. (See front desk for  opportunity)

  2. Performance track students must attend all classes and may miss no more than 6 total classes during the season. Please understand that if your child misses more than this amount, he or she may possibly not be able to participate in the performance. We desire to build confidence and consistency is the key to success.

  3. Performance track students must attend the following tech and dress rehearsal dates:

  4. Performance track students must be available to participate in the performance: March 9, 2019 at 5pm.